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EuroScan in Düsseldorf - reactions after semi-final 1

EuroScan is sitting at the press centre where the winners’ press conference after the first semifinal of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest here in Düsseldorf.

Serbia, Lithuania, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, Russia and Iceland qualified to the final, while favorites and historical finalists as Norway, Turkey and Armenia did not get through.

Stay tuned for more information.

Last Chance Heat from Sarpsborg: It’s on.

Welcome everybody to our live coverage from the MGP Last Chance heat, sent live from Sarpsborg. The last 2 tickets to the final next week in Oslo Spektrum will be awarded tonight. As you already know, tonight’s heat will be organised as a cup with two winners in the end.

We begin with the first duel between Use Me and Pernille & Marius. Daisy, performed by Use Me, is a young symphonic pop/rock composition. Loads of pyro, the band gets a huge response from the audience as they come from the region of Sarpsborg.

Pernille and Marius confirmed their improvements from their semifinal, even though Marius got a bit false here and there.

Use Me qualify to the second round.

Time for the second duel between Sie Gubba and Mimi Blix.

Sie Gubba’s performance did not change at all while Mimi Blix is much more aggressive on stage, she obviously wants to go through. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as Sie Gubba went through to the second round.

Gatas Parlament fights against The Lucky Bullets in the third duel.

In what must be tonight’s most unpredictable duel, both bands deliver a relaxed and fresh performance.

The Lucky Bullets go through and will fight for a ticket for the final against the winner of the next duel, opposing Endre and Susperia.

We got to know that Endre is currently sick, however his performance is better than during the dress rehearsal.

Susperia’s performance is slightly less amazing than during the rehearsal but it gets a huge response from the audience.

Susperia gets through to the second round. No surprises in the first round.

It’s time for a break. Here in the arena teaches Mattias Carlsson (the choreographer of the Glow-dance from ESC 2010) us another routine, to the rhythm of a song about Sarpsborg.

The second round of tonight’s heat starts by the first final duel between Use Me and Sie Gubba.

Use Me delivers a better performance than during the first round, will it be enough to take them to the final?

Nothing new to say about Sie Gubba’s performance. However, this band from Northern Norway is very appreciated, their album is currently #1 in the Norwegian charts, they definitely got a chance to qualify.

The Lucky Bullets fight Susperia for the last ticket to the final.

Use Me and Sie Gubba as well as The Lucky Bullets were already competing in the same semifinal. In the first one in Ørland, Sie Gubba placed third and Use Me fourth, in the third one in Skien, The Lucky Bullets placed third and Susperia fourth. This would mean that Sie Gubba and The Lucky Bullets could be qualifiers even though both Use Me and Susperia got a much bigger response from the audience tonight. Exciting results for sure.

After Per’s interview with some Swedes sitting in the audience on why they chose Melodi Grand Prix instead of Melodifestivalen, it is time for this crazy interval act by Maria Haukaas Mittet and Wig Wam.

The voting is closed and videos from the 6 finalists are being shown.

The first qualifier tonight is Sie Gubba.

The second and last qualifier to the final is The Lucky Bullets.

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